Apple Glass Could Debut This Year At $499(₹37,750) Price Tag

After the humongous leaks of the Apple iPhone 12 series, the popular tipster is back with new leaks for Apple’s upcoming augmented reality glasses. The tipster suggests that it will be called the Apple Glass and will debut soon.

Apple Glass Pricing, Features, and Details

The Front Page Tech tipster Jon Prosser reveals that Apple will be launching new AI glasses this year which will be an expansion to the gadgets lineup from Apple. He tips that the upcoming Apple Glass will arrive in different variants and the base variant will start at $499 that is ₹37,750.

The Glasses will be completely made to work along with the iPhones as an accessory which will display information to the user. The information will only be seen by the person wearing the glasses, anyone else would just see the blank glasses.

Apple will use a UI dubbed as ‘Starboard’ that will make this possible. Moreover, the information on the glasses will be able to be controlled by gestures and even from the smartphone.

The Glasses from Apple will probably be made out of the plastic material as per the prototype made. It will look like premium smart glasses but actually it will be made out of the standard plastic with some other materials here and there.

It is touted that the Apple Glass will debut in Quarter 4 this year, but we can’t confirm the launch date as Coronavirus Pandemic has already delayed several launches. So expect the smart glasses to arrive early next year.

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