Google Pixel 4 And Google Pixel 4 XL Billboards Take Over The City By Revealing October 15 As The Release Date

Google has finally revealed the launch date of its upcoming Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone. The company has put up several billboards in Newyork stating “Hey Google set a Reminder for October 15”. The company has also revealed some details on the billboards, let’s take a look at it.

Google Pixel 4 is now confirmed for an official unveiling on October 15 in a few major regions. The billboards also reportedly showcase the new camera setup on the upcoming Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone. The design is the same as we saw in the leaks, it has dual rear cameras housed in a square-shaped module. The square housing also has an LED flash below the lenses.

It also reveals the new colour variant of the smartphone, the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL smartphones will debut in the new Coral color finish which will be accompanied by the standard Black and White colour variants.

Other than this, the smartphone’s specs have already been leaked previously. Both the Pixel 4 smartphones will rock a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC paired with 6GB of RAM and expected 128GB of internal storage. The vanilla Pixel will sport a 5.7-inch 90Hz panel, whereas the XL model will sport a larger 6.3-inch 90Hz panel. The cameras this time are also said to perform better as it houses an additional lens.

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