After Pokemon Go becoming a massive hit all over the world, now Minecraft is up for something similar for their fanbase. Minecraft has finally launched the AR version of the Minecraft game called as the Minecraft Earth for celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The game will have a similar ideology as the Pokemon Go mobile game. It will provide users with the freedom to build anything anywhere by just using their smartphones. The players can build their own structures, houses, palace etc by using the resources in the game. Overall they can create their own world virtually in real-time.

The best part of this AR game is that players can transport their world virtually to any place they wish. Here the players can see their friends creation and explore it in realtime which is a great thing for Minecraft fans.

Minecraft Earth will offer an adventurous gaming experience as it will make players to leave their house for building structures and places in the real-time.

The Minecraft Earth mobile game’s closed beta is said to release this summer in the US for Android as well as iOS devices. Soon after there will be a global release for the rest of the world.

Sign up for the beta here –

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