OnePlus Teases Its Concept One Technology Featuring An Invisible Camera

With more and more competitive innovations in the smartphone market, OnePlus is all set to showcase its new ‘Concept One’ technology at the CES 2020 event. OnePlus has shared a teaser of its upcoming ‘Concept One’ technology that reveals the invisible camera. Let’s take a look.

The teaser video shared by the company reveals the disappearing camera of the device. It has the regular camera lenses with dimmable glass that does the magic. In the concept video, we can see the smartphone’s camera to get completely invisible to visible with the help of this dimmable glass.


Other than this, the company also shared a sketch that shows the rear panel. It reveals the rear camera layout but there aren’t any camera lenses visible and not even a single camera bump. It is covered with stitching all around it that probably carries other connections to the dimmable display.

The invisible camera looks pretty exciting and it might be the hot topic of early 2020. But we can’t say much on that, let’s wait for the official showcase of the technology at the CES 2020 event on January 7.

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