Reliance industries owned Reliance Jio has launched there all-new conference calling application called as Jio Group Talk for Android devices. This application brings a lot of features related to group or conference calling and is available for the Jio subscribers itself.

Jio Group Talk Applications Details


The Jio Group Talk is currently in trail-mode as the company is testing out certain features and stability of the app. Though it’s in trial-mode it’s available on Google Play store and Android users can download it and start enjoying its features. The application is currently limited to Android users but soon it will be available to the iOS users.

Now the Jio Group Talk comes with some amazing features and Jio subscribers can enjoy it to the fullest.

Here are some of its features And Details: 

The Reliance Jio Group Talk app is a very convenient app for Jio users as it provides one-touch conference or group calling. Users just have to select the number of contacts with whom they want to talk with and start the conversation. The Jio Group talk has a limit of 10 participants for a conference call at one go. This is very convenient as users don’t need to select each contact one by one.

The first caller has the ability to remove or add a particular user while conference calling. Reliance Jio claims that it will offer a crystal clear conference calling for all the needs such as work conference calls, group studies, family chats etc.

Currently, the Jio Group talk app only supports voice calling but soon it will get a video calling and chatting feature similar to Whatsapp. At the initial public release, users can use all the features to the fullest.

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