Here's Why Samsung Is Flooding The Market With S-Upgrades

After the success of Samsung Galaxy M-series and A-series in certain markets including India, the company seems to have got its way to reach the consumer’s interest and now they are just flooding even more M and A devices in the market. Now it’s the Galaxy M20s smartphone which Samsung seems to launch for no actual reason. The smartphone has been spotted online with an even more massive battery and some minor changes in the specs. Not just the Galaxy M20, other M-series smartphones are also inline for an S-upgrade which basically is a minor upgrade to the original smartphone.

Galaxy M20s

The main reason why Samsung is doing this is to fill the gaps in the market, even though it has four M-series smartphones in each segment still the company is providing some crazy numbers in the specs sheet to create the hype in smartphone consumers. The Galaxy M20s with a product code EB-BM207ABY is said to feature 5,830mAh battery which is totally bonkers. This is what Samsung is going for, they are housing a massive battery some additional lenses and boom consumers are attracted.

There are no details on whether the chipset is changing or remaining the same but the battery capacity of the smartphone is sure going to impress heavy smartphone users.

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