TvOS 13 Brings Gaming Controller Support, Multi-User, And Much More Features

Apple announced it’s tvOS 13 at the Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) 2019 event. The new tvOS brings some major changes and updates to the UI.

tvOS 13

The tvOS 13 comes with a new home screen layout with a more refined look that welcomes the user with live previews of the shows. So now the overall user interface looks much better than the previous tvOS version.

tvOS 13

Now Apple TVs will natively support gaming controllers such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox controllers. This is great for users who want gaming with the same console controller. The connection process is also fairly simple.

tvOS 13

Other than this, the tvOS 13 now supports Multi-users which was a much-anticipated feature. So now users can use the Apple Tv independently. Apple also launched its streaming service, the Apple Tv+ that was leaked several times and now it’s finally in action. “For The Mankind” will be the first show streaming on Apple Tv+ and some other exclusive shows will be coming soon.

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