JBL has released findings from its latest survey conducted on Make Music Day, June 21st, focusing on Gen Z and millennials in India. This third annual survey of 1,269 respondents underscores a burgeoning interest in AI-driven music exploration and personalized experiences among tech-savvy demographics.

According to the survey, an overwhelming 85% of participants believe that music transcends cultural boundaries, fostering global unity. This sentiment is reinforced by 83% expressing keen interest in AI-powered music discovery, particularly across diverse cultures and languages.

Emphasizing music’s emotive power, 52% of respondents highlight its ability to evoke strong feelings and transport listeners to different times and places. This emotional connection underscores the rising demand for AI tools facilitating cross-cultural music exploration and personalized listening experiences.

The survey also reveals a significant uptick in the adoption of AI-enabled audio devices, with 54% of users embracing this technology. Features like intelligent playlist curation and automatic audio optimization are particularly appreciated by 43% of respondents, demonstrating a preference for personalized music experiences.

When asked about desired enhancements, 33% of users prioritize personalized recommendations based on their preferences, while 30% seek AI assistance in identifying songs across languages. These insights underscore a growing demand for AI assistants capable of understanding user tastes and navigating multilingual music landscapes.

However, the survey also identifies areas for improvement, with nearly 30% of respondents citing the need for better voice recognition accuracy and 20% desiring more engaging interactive experiences from AI-powered devices.

Vikram Kher, Vice President of Lifestyle at HARMAN India, emphasized JBL’s commitment to enhancing the listening experience through cutting-edge AI technologies. He noted, “JBL remains dedicated to developing innovative audio solutions that not only deliver exceptional sound quality but also promote cultural inclusivity and personalized immersion.”

Highlighting JBL’s leadership in audio technology, the article notes their integration of advanced AI capabilities into products, ensuring an unmatched listening experience that connects users with diverse musical cultures.

This year’s survey also points to a rising interest in multilingual music experiences in India, with Punjabi (41%) emerging as the most popular non-Hindi and English language, followed by Tamil (22%) and K-pop (14%). This diversity underscores AI’s potential to help users navigate and celebrate global music diversity.

As JBL continues to innovate, their AI-driven audio devices promise to redefine how people experience music, bridging cultural divides and enhancing personal enjoyment through technology.


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