Sun Singapore Systems Pte. Ltd., a leading provider of smart parking solutions in Singapore, has revolutionized the landscape of parking management with its innovative SunPark® systems. These systems encompass a range of cutting-edge technologies designed to streamline parking operations across diverse environments, from airports and shopping malls to office buildings and residential complexes.

Challenges in Traditional Parking Management

Traditionally, Singaporean car parks have relied on centralised call centers to manage operations and address system faults. However, the labor shortages exacerbated by the pandemic have posed significant challenges. These include delays in dispatching technicians to resolve issues promptly, leading to potential revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction.

Moreover, the aging technology infrastructure in most electronic parking systems, some dating back over two decades, has limited operators’ ability to gather crucial data and optimize operational efficiencies. Key metrics such as peak capacity prediction, revenue forecasting, and real-time anomaly detection have become increasingly difficult to manage with outdated systems.

Solution: Integration of PlanetSpark’s EdgeAI Box X7

To address these challenges, Sun Singapore has adopted PlanetSpark’s advanced EdgeAI Box X7, powered by AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoCs. This FPGA-based solution enhances SunPark’s capabilities with superior vehicle license plate recognition (LPR) accuracy, crucial for seamless entry and exit management at parking facilities.

The EdgeAI Box X7 supports a wide range of functionalities including lane congestion detection, accident-spot identification, and dynamic parking fee assessment. Its flexibility allows for rapid adaptation and retraining of AI models, enabling additional features such as reserved parking management and electric vehicle (EV) charging space monitoring.

Benefits and Achievements

Eddie Ng, Senior Sales Manager at Sun Singapore, emphasized the advantages of choosing an FPGA-based edge AI solution over GPU-based alternatives. These include lower latency, reduced power consumption, real-time inference capabilities, and the ability to continually optimize AI models for enhanced performance.

The collaboration with Aupera Technologies further bolstered Sun Singapore’s capabilities, providing essential FPGA firmware, AI solutions, and comprehensive software tools for seamless deployment and management of edge AI models. This partnership has resulted in significant advancements, including achieving an impressive 99% accuracy in license plate recognition.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Sun Singapore plans to leverage this robust technological foundation to expand its smart parking solutions. Future developments include enhanced VIP parking management systems that can automatically alert authorities to unauthorized vehicles, thereby further optimizing parking space utilization and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In conclusion, Sun Singapore’s adoption of PlanetSpark’s EdgeAI technology signifies a pivotal step towards revolutionizing smart parking management in Singapore. By integrating advanced AI capabilities with reliable hardware solutions, Sun Singapore is not only improving operational efficiencies but also setting new benchmarks for smart city infrastructure worldwide.


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