HMD celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Nokia 3210 with a nostalgic relaunch in India. Known for its robust design and legendary status, the Nokia 3210 now comes in Scuba Blue, Grunge Black, and Y2K Gold. Perfect for digital detox, it combines retro charm with modern functionality.

Key Features:

  • Design: Inspired by its 1999 predecessor, offering a unique user experience.
  • Battery Life: A powerful 1450 mAh battery delivers up to 9.5 hours of talk time.
  • Features: Includes Snake game, 2MP camera with flash torch, and preloaded UPI app for seamless payments.
  • Entertainment: Enjoy YouTube, YouTube Music, and a suite of apps like Weather, News, and games such as Sokoban and Tetris.

Ravi Kunwar, VP, India & APAC, HMD, stated, “Nokia 3210 isn’t just a phone; it’s 2024’s fun phone, balancing screen time with digital detox.”

Availability: Available on,, and retail outlets at an attractive price of Rs. 3999.

Introducing Nokia 235 4G and Nokia 220 4G

Alongside the Nokia 3210, HMD launches Nokia 235 4G and Nokia 220 4G in India. Nokia 235 4G features a large 2.8-inch IPS display and a 2MP camera, catering to modern feature phone users with enhanced durability and design. Meanwhile, Nokia 220 4G boasts a similar display, Type-C charging, and UPI applications for seamless transactions, available in Peach & Black Color.


  • Nokia 235 4G: Rs. 3749
  • Nokia 220 4G: Rs. 3249

Where to Buy: Explore these devices on,, and select retail outlets.


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