Revolt Motorbikes RV300 and RV400 Launched in India at Rs. 2,999 : Pricing, Features

Revolt India held an event in Delhi on 28th August in order to showcase their entry to Indian markets with two new bikes namely, R300 and R400 with the former being the base variant and the latter one, the supreme variant. The company is calling it an unlimited motorcycle because of the battery it comes with. It also happens to be India’s first-ever unlimited motorcycle. The pricing is a bit unusual to the one when you go out to book a bike with an on-road price. The Revolt RV400 starts at INR 3,499 per month with cutting edge design, technology, and riding dynamics to create new benchmarks in the industry, and the RV400 will be available at four Revolt hubs in New Delhi and subsequently in Pune. Also, the company announced a base variant with the name RV300, which is priced at INR 2,999 per month.

Both the bikes from Revolt bring something new and exciting to the table. The RV400 comes with a host of introductory benefits such as unlimited battery warranty (8years/ 1.5L km), free maintenance benefits (3years, 30,000kms), the product warranty (5 years,75,000 km) and insurance (1-year company-owned, 5 years third-party). The no rent, no lease plan offers customers full ownership from Day 1 and requires no down payment but a flat cost.

Revolt Motorbikes RV300 and RV400 Launched in India at Rs. 2,999 : Pricing, Features

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Rahul Sharma, Founder, Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd., said, “EVs are
It’s not just about a shift in vehicles, but a shift in mindset for the consumer. Our promise of disrupting the mobility market in the true sense of Product and Price is here. The RV400 and RV300 reflect our passion and commitment to bring sustainable, affordable mobility to every Indian home and My Revolt Plan is a testimony to this promise of making EVs accessible to the masses. We are starting with Delhi and Pune; and will eventually move to the rest of the country as we believe that our product has the credentials to transform the way two-wheelers are looked at.”

The RV400 is powered by a 3.24 KWh Lithium-Ion battery that generates 72V of power and comes with a maximum range of 150 km on a single charge giving it a top speed of 85 km/hr. It comes with a CBS braking system (Front Disc – 240 mm/ Rear Disc – 240mm) and an adjustable mono-shock. The Revolt RV400 has a ground clearance of 215 mm and will be fully charged (0-100%) in 4.5 hours. As part of the accessories package, Revolt will offer a connected helmet in partnership with Google, which allows you to start the bike using a voice command – “Revolt Start.” This, in my opinion, will be helpful to a lot of people who commute on a daily basis. The RV400 will be launched in Pune next month, followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and Chennai in the next 4 months.


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