Huawei teases Kirin 990 chipset With 5G , Will Come On September 6

Huawei has been battling it out with some of the processor giants for quite long and they have been nose-to-nose with them for years with their latest products including the Kirin 980 which was used by some of their best sellers and also, their most popular budget segment device, the Honor Play. Well, IFA Berlin is fast coming up, and Huawei just confirmed that they have been working on their new and revolutionary in-house Kirin 990 SoC. According to the promo video posted by the official handle of Huawei, it’ll be launched on September 6th.

The video also gives us some news on whether it’ll be supporting 5G capabilities, and yes, it does come with 5G and rumors suggest that the modem will be built right into the chipset making it easier. The Kirin 990 is produced on the TSMC 7nm EUV process which basically provides around 20% better transistor density which will give out increased power efficiency.

Huawei teases Kirin 990 chipset With 5G , Will Come On September 6

The new chip will also allow 4K video recording at 60fps which will be a first for the company. In the past, Huawei’s flagship such as the Mate series has debuted with the new Kirin series. We can expect the up and coming Mate 30 Pro to pack in the Kirin 990 SoC, hopefully

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