WhatsApp Rolled out the Sticker feature recently and you might have also seen your friends sending you the stickers these days. And Today in this video we will show you how you can add your own personal stickers for WhatsApp in a Quick Tutorial.


  1. Download the App BackGround Remover & Personal Stickers for WhatsApp
  2. Click Your photo and try to keep the background less cluttered
  3. Open Background Remover App and remove the background using the Auto Tool, Use the Repair Tool if required
  4. Save the Image. The app by default saves the images in the .PNG format
  5. Open the App Personal Stickers for WhatsApp
  6. You will see the folder Eraser which will have the image you which you just saved. In order to add it to WhatsApp you need atleast 3 images in the folder. Create 2 more to add the stickers to WhatsApp
  7. Tap on the Add button and Thats It.
  8. Now Go to the EMOJI icon above the keyboard and at the bottom you will see new icon next to the GIF button.
  9. So thats it now you can Send your Own personal Stickers on WhatsApp

Download Links :- BackGround Remover & Personal Stickers For WhatsApp


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