PUBG Mobile has been pushing off updates to its user, with updated features and everything, although, various bugs and lags accompanies it. The game has received a lot of criticism because of the laggy system and other issues it has been facing. To the rescue comes the 0.10.5 update. To fix the lags and latency issues a new update will be passed which will also bring back the old voice chat sounds as reported by PUBGgamers.

The update is also said to bring new additions such as FPP driving mode, the much awaited Tuksai (rickshaw), the MK47 Mutant and many more updates to come through.

According to reports, a new snow bike is also said to be added and will also bring the G36C, PP-19 Bizon and as mentioned above the MK47 Mutant. Also, dynamic weather will be a part of the maps from now on ranging from, Day, Moonlight, Snow and etc.

Also, the 0.10.5 update will bring the snow footstep feature which is already available in the PC version of the game. This is one of the most anticipated updates of all time from PUBGM.

The game has a lot of lags especially when you are being ambushed or an enemy squad is passing nearby you which is mostly in the 400m range. This update is said to cure all these updates although, I highly doubt that, since over 30M users play this as of today and the server is very hard to be maintained. Although, PUBG is a very big company and is totally capable of doing that. It’ll be great to see what improvements they bring along with 0.10.5.


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