1. This smart BT padlock can turn your smart device into a key.
Easy to use with the free app(suitable for Android 4.3 above & iOS system).
2. Keyless design provides flexibility as you share access with friends, family, colleagues and employees, etc.
No more worry about losing keys, forgetting password or unauthorized key duplication!
3. Wide Application: perfectly used for doors, cabinets, bikes, backpacks, storage lockers, etc.

1. Great Flexibility: one lock can be authorized to multiple users and a user can unlock multiple locks.
2. Easily Monitor Activity: including unlocking record and sharing record.
3. Superior Strength & Durability: made of ADC12 aluminum alloy body and 303 stainless steel latch hook.
4. IP65 Waterproof: high waterproof grade allows outdoor application.
5. Rechargeable batteryBattery: Standby time is about one month, longer battery life.
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel
BT Version: 4.0
System Requirement for Android: 4.3 above
Battery Voltage: 3.7V 130MAH
Battery: Polymer battery( Rechargeable) 5V 130mA (Android Micro USB)
Stand-by Time: one month, for continuous unlocking over 1000 times
3 Unlocking Method: Bluetooth / APP / Fingerprint
Working Temperature( relative humidity): -25℃ ~ +80℃, 5%-95%
Fingerprint Amount: 16 people
Buy Link :- https://ban.ggood.vip/jky (Get 10% off use Coupon code: 2d0440)


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