PUBG PC Lite Is Coming to India For Lower-End PC's

PUBG is a huge deal, especially among gamers who like to enjoy it on PC and not on mobile. For them, the folks at PUBG launched its beta version of PUBG PC Lite in China a couple of months ago. It was only available in China so again the Indian gamers were waiting for it to arrive. Well, we at GadgetGig managed to find a way through that and we even uploaded a video on the same, you can check it here.

Now, after months, the PUBG PC Lite is said to have finally come out of the beta zone and made an official launch worldwide. The game is now available in 15 countries and PUBG has confirmed via its Facebook page that the game will also be available in India very soon. The launch date has not yet revealed but it’s said to be during the steam sale which usually commences around June 25-30.

The official Page of PUBG stated, “We are thrilled to announce that PUBG LITE will soon be expanding to India!”

The PUBG Lite India Facebook page also says that the players who will be visiting GamerConnect which is held in Kolkata will get the exclusive rewards.

As the name suggests, PUBG PC Lite, as in the lighter version of the game which will enable players from all over to play the game even on their lower-end PC’s. The minimum requirement for the game is Core i3 with 2.4GHz with at least 4GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. It should at least have an Intel HD Graphics 4000. Lite version is free to play for everyone


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