Android Pie was officially launched by Google few days back but chances are that the phone you are using right now will not get the Android Pie anytime soon. But today we will show you how to get some of the cool features of Android Pie on any Android Phone in few simple steps.

Android Pie Launcher

Thanks to XDA the Launcher is now available to download for any device and that too with Google Feeds. Click here to Download >> Rootless Pixel Launcher

Stock Apps

Most of the phone manufacturer includes there own Calling and messaging apps but you can now replace them with Stock Android Messages and call App.

Download Messages App   Download Call App

All New Design Volume Slider

Android Pie has the all new design Volume slider which you can get using the App Android P Volume Slider. Click here to Download Play Store Link :- Click Here 

Quick Reply

In Android Pie you have the feature to quickly Reply to the messages from the notifications. Using the app REPLY you can get the similar functionality on any phone. Click Here to download 

Android Pie Rotation

There is one wonderful feature in Android Pie is that when you rotate the phone you can manually set the orientation of your phone using the icon at the task bar. With the App Android P Rotation you can this feature on any phone. Download the App and try this cool feature on your phone. DOWNLOAD LINK

Edit Screenshot before Saving/Sharing

You can now Edit your screenshot before saving or sending it someone in Android Pie. Using the app Markup You can get the same feature on your phone. Just take a screenshot and press share and select the app markup in the list and now you can edit your screenshot before saving/sharing. DOWNLOAD LINK

New Gestures

In the Android Pie you have the option to use Gestures using the Pill. With the app Navigation Gestures you can get the very similar experience on your phone. In order to hide the current buttons on the screen the app requires permission using ADB Platform Tools. DOWNLOAD LINK

All New Design Notification Panel

Notification panel is revamped in Android Pie and it looks very clean. To get the similar on any android Phone Download the App Powershade. Powershade is the best nofication panel chaning app. So definitely Try this out. DOWNLOAD LINK 

Digital Well Being

There are lots of good features in the Android Pie and one of them helping you to have healthy digital life. This feature allows you to restrict your app usage and also shows you your daily app usage in detail. To get this feature on your phone you can download a very similar app Thrive. :- DOWNLOAD LINK


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