The Pocophone F1 was arguably the best device of 2018 at the price it was offered at. The Poco F1 was the most affordable device which was powered by the flagship (at that time) Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. In its initial days users who bought the device faced tons of issues such as display leak, light leaks and etc. Amongst them was the ability of not streaming Netflix and Prime Video in HD due to the lack of Widevine L1. It is a DRM certification which is used by Android devices in order to stream protected content.

However, proud Poco F1 users can now relax and can enjoy watching their favorite movies and TV shows on Amazon in HD as promised by Poco. The General Manager of Poco India today, took it to Twitter to announce that the new update will bring the much awaited Widevine L1 update.

The update will be available for beta users as of now and will consist of the MIUI 10 9.2.25 version which should enable the L1. Although having the Widevine L1 in your devices will not mean that the user can stream HD movies, the partners have the upper hand in this, Netflix and Amazon will have the final say on what devices to whitelist. Sources close to the company state that Amazon has started working and we’ll be able to see the results after the update.

Folks at XDA were able to find out about the update beforehand and were able to confirm that the DRM content from Amazon and Hotstar will be available for streaming, however, Netflix has not yet certified the device for HD streaming. If you are interested in downloading the beta version of the update click on this link here. Keep in mind, there’s always a risk of losing your data so be sure to back up your device in order to be on a safer side.


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