In this video we are going to show you Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for December 2018. Some of these apps are recent launches and some are there on Android Play Store for quite some time. We have Handpicked these apps on the basis of the functionality, uniqueness and usability.

App List

1) Around Sound

Make sound recordings at the touch of a button with Aroundsound. Save memories and capture your surroundings using sound.

Download Around-Sound

2) Discover – Lock Screen Wallpapers

From awesome images to trending videos, explore ideas and articles that inspire you. You can also personalize your lock screen with quality images of your interest. Just select a keyword of your interest and you are all set!

Download Discover- Lock Screen

3) Typing Hero

Ever counted how many times ⏲️ you type the same text over and over again? Or copying and pasting some text from other apps? Do you want to break 🔨 those boring 😒 and time-wasting ⏳ habits? Typing Hero is a free text expander app that is able to help you achieving that.

Download Typing Hero

4) HQ Music

Less interface, more native interaction with your music

Download HQ Music

5) Pro Guide PUBG

This guide helps you to know the information of different items and helps to survive and win in the battlegrounds.

Download Pro Guide PUBG

6) Touch Bar


TouchBar for Android is a bottom bar inspired from TouchBar for iOS (Cydia tweak by @Laughing Quoll) that helps users to control settings

Download TouchBar

7) Over


Over is a social media branding tool, photo editor, poster maker, and more. Choose from modern templates and custom fonts, then combine them with your favorite photos, fun captions, or a cool overlay.

Download Over

8) Caption

With this Best Instagram and Facebook Captions app, you can also attract the top more likes and followers on Instagram. Share favorite quotes with your loved ones and save your favorite quotes for instant access. You are about to become famous among your peers, and people will soon turn to you to get cool captions for their photos.

Download Caption

9) PUBG Stickers

Download and install app and add sticker into WhatsApp

Download PUBG Stickers

10) SpotyTube

Top, Trending and Viral Music charts in one place, all from reliable Music sources like Spotify, Billboard and YouTube. That’s why you will never have to go elsewhere to know what’s happening in the Music World!

Download SpotyTube

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