In this video we are going to show you Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for November 2018. Some of these apps are recent launches and some are there on Android Play Store for quite some time. We have Handpicked these apps on the basis of the functionality, uniqueness and usability.

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App List

1) Assistant Shortcuts

With Assistant Shortcuts, it’s possible to adjust your assistant button on your phone to a command. You can, for example, view your notifications by calling your assistant.

Download Assistant Shortcuts

2) Adaptive Brightness Tile

The app provides the user a tile that can be added to the Quick Settings layout in the notification panel to change adaptive brightness mode.

Download Adaptive Brightness

3) Fluid Navigation Gestures

Give new life to your phone with Fluid Navigation, the coolest navigation gestures of the moment.

There are two main gestures: ‘Quick swipe’ and ‘Swipe & Hold’ which can trigged from the bottom or side edges of the screen. The side triggers are only available on the bottom half of the screen, allowing you to still access other app side menus.

Download Fluid Navigation Gestures

4) Hyperion

A launcher is not just a home, it needs to be an experience.
🗞 Hyperion Dock (Enable Google Feed):


Download Hyperion

5) Wallpaper For Gamers

The list of games : minecraft , pubg , fortnite , cs go  and many gaming wallpapers

Download Wallpaper For Gamers

6) WhoDoes

Who Does is an application that allows you, in a highly entertaining way, to skip houshold duties like doing the dishes or vaccuming. It will also help to chose the lucky winner who would get you a drink or even change the dirty diaper. The only limit for the challenge is your own imagination.

Download WhoDoes

7) Status Bar & Notch Customiser


❄️ Change how your phone looks with this app. Have it customized and personal. The awesome special look only your phone has!❄️ 

Download Status Bar

8) InboxIt

Sometimes we see something we really want to read but just don’t have the time.
It can be an article, an image, a video and what’s not.
Wouldn’t it be nice to save these things so you can handle them later? and what’s better than doing this in a single click.

Download InboxIt

9) WhatsLock

If you want to lock some of your WhatsApp chat instead of locking full application, then here is an application that locks particular chat only that you want.

Download WhatsLock

10) Reachability Cursor

Use a computer-mouse-like cursor/pointer to control big smartphones like the Note series effortlessly with one hand. The perfect app for power users that make extensive use of swipe gestures for navigation and glide typing keyboards.

Download Reachability Cursor

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