In our series of Unique Gadgets we are going to show you Today a Multipurpose Flashlight which is not only just any Flashlight but offers lot of useful features. And in this Video we will show you more about this Unique and Useful Travel Gadget! So if you travel a lot and go on Hiking and camping than this Multipurpose gadget is a must have Travel Tech. It has a LED Torch Light, FM/AM Radio, Emergency signal light and also SOS Alarm. You can also charge your phone with this using the Dynamo of this torch.

The Flashlight can be charged with AC Power using USB port, Dynamo and its also solar powered. One minute of Dynamo Hand cranking will give you 20 minutes of Torch Light, 5 minute of Radio and 1 Minute of Alarm Sound.

Its must a have Travel Tech and if you like and wants to buy one here is theBuy Link:- And Use the Coupon Code 4TFFF to Get 8% off.

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